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- a brief history

- the club's centenary souvenir booklet

- a view of our club from a specific part of the ground!

- poignant remembrances of the fallen in the two World Wars

- those recognised for outstanding service with the Tony Pugh Clubman of the Year award

- In conversation with . . . notable people in our club's history


A Brief History

Waterloo Football Club is based at St Anthony's Road, Blundellsands, Crosby in the north of Liverpool. 2006/7 will be its 124th season, having been founded in 1882 by brothers Sidney and Harry Hall and George Abercrombie. From 1882 until 1884 the club was known as Serpentine after the road near it's original ground. In 1884 a dispute prompted a relocation to Waterloo and so the club's name was changed. The club returned to the Blundellsands area in 1892 and has remained there ever since.

Formerly nicknamed 'The Drummers' they play in myrtle green, white and scarlet hooped shirts, green shorts and green socks. Their badge features a Lancastrian red rose with a black griffin in the centre.

Former players include Dick Greenwood, Ben Kay, Will Greenwood, Andy Titterrell, Watcyn Thomas, Kyran Bracken, Austin Healey, and Paul Grayson.

The full list of Waterloo players to earn international caps is as follows :

England: Alan Ashcroft 1956-59, Jasper Bartlett 1951, Reg Bazley 1952-55, N.O. Bennet 1948, Eric Bole 1946, John Cain 1950, Roy Foulds 1929, Dick Greenwood 1966-69, Dicky Guest 1939-49, Jack Heaton 1935-47, Chris Jennins 1967, Roy Leyland 1935, Humphrey Luya 1948-49, Graham Meikle 1934, Steve Meikle 1929, Joe Periton 1925-30, Sam Perry 1948, Gordon Rimmer 1949-54, Jim Syddall 1982-84, Peter Thompson 1959, Bert Toft 1936-39, Dick Uren 1948-50, Harold Uren 1946, Jack Wallens 1927, Bob Weighill 1947-48.

Ireland: Robin Godfrey 1954.

Scotland: Alistair Fisher 1947, Colin Fisher 1975-76, Jackie McArthur 1932, Sammy McQueen 1923, Allan Roy 1939, J.W. Scott 1928-30.

Wales: Raymond Bark-Jones 1933, Watcyn Thomas 1931-33.

Spain: Pablo Feijoo Ugalde (2002-15)

Cameroon: Cyr Njike Tchakoute, 2006-09

Canada: Ander Monroe, 2006

USA: Chad Erskine 2006

Club Centenary booklet

We have digitised Ian Hamilton Fazey's 1982 booklet which you can access by clicking  here

A sideways look at Waterloo from 2013

A view from  Boozers' Bank

World War Commemorations

You can download the slide shows that illuminate the lives of many of those who gave their lives for our freedom

For World War 1, please click here  (updated November 2020) We are indebted to Dave Bohl of Sefton Rugby Club for adding missing detail #rugby family

We have complied a booklet in November 2020 to add to what we know about the lives of those lost in WW1.  You can find it by clicking here

For World War 2, please click here (updated November 2020)

We also have a booklet (November 2020) for those lost in WW2 but this does need further research, please.  You can find it by clicking here

If you would like to view the slides accompanied by music, please drop a blank CD-R or USB pen into the club office for the attention of Pete Cureton.  He will copy the file for you and return it.

The Tony Pugh Clubman of the Year

Each year our club honours someone for outstanding service 

2018   Tony Pugh

2019   Dominic Mackenzie

In conversation with . . .

Please click on the name to read the conversation - you will be taken to a pdf file . . . enjoy

April 2020  Gill Burns   The RFU also did a piece on Gill focusing on her first and last game as captain.  To read it, click here

April 2020   Sean Fletcher

April 2020   Cyr Nijke Tchakoute (Cheeky)

May 2020   Lol Connor

June 2020   Will Greenwood

July 2020    Bethany Stott

October 2020  Dr Bob Atlay

November 2020   Gareth Hopkin

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