Not stretching things on the song title link given I have been tardy in my missives. 

I could say that is because you all have enough to put up with, but in reality, just tardy.  I am grateful to Pete Cureton for his prompts to action and for keeping the flow of information going.  I did want to write, albeit last minute to wish all of you and your families an enjoyable Christmas and the very best for the New Year.

I think we have all been affected by elements of the pandemic over the last year, some sadly directly, but everyone else in the disruption that it has caused to our lives.

Rather than focus on what we have all missed I did want to pay a communal thank you to the generosity of spirit, both in terms of time and effort and provision of funds, that has helped keep the Club ticking over. It has been great to see the minis and juniors back training and to hear of and see the numbers of adults training, adapting and supporting each other through this difficult time.

We are still in a bit of a Christopher Robin position - half way up the stairs - progress has been made but we are still not sure what the New Year will bring and how timings will pan out.

I fear things will not move too quickly but they will move and with everyone helping to progress a couple of steps at a time, we can return to using the Club as a social hub.  But until then, the website remains a point of contact, albeit socially distanced, if help is needed.

My thanks again to everyone who has contributed their time and effort for the Club over the last 9 months, some above and beyond what might be expected. The time to recognise that fully is perhaps when we can all meet socially, but on behalf of our Club thank you for this and for your continued efforts.

For now, I return to Christmas, I hope each and every one of you enjoys your Christmas break in those family bubbles, that you all stay well and that we can meet up soon in the New Year.

All the best


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