Mon 27 May 2019 19:53

"Oh the Summer time is here,

And the trees are sweetly bloomin'

And the wild mountain thyme

Grows around the purple heather

Will ye go Lassie go?"

Apart from this refrain, for that is what it is part of, always taking me back to my introduction to a team mate who became a friend from Edinburgh nearly 40 years ago.  I thought I would borrow it to see if people could be persuaded to take up the last few tables at the Ball on 8th June and also consider, both Lassies and Laddies, coming along to the Disco Bingo event on 7th June and using the Club as a base to enjoy the sporting extravaganza of rugby and football on 1st June.

Using the Club helps maintain the Club.  On the question of maintaining, Pete Cureton (make sure you note the comma!) will be in touch for assistance on 22nd June weekend to help us spend the £500 we were awarded from the NatWest Rugby Force fund.  Although now owned by the members, the Club can be a base for the wider Community.  It is several years since we removed the members only tag, and I know Raychel , with help from Sammy, is looking to let groups know we have a facility with parking in a nice setting with Wi Fi facilities that can be used through the week to complement the rugby.

Talking of Community Events I was looking to recover from the Ball by signing up to the Crosby Coastal Walk in support of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre on 9th June.  I guess I may be a little bleary eyed but hope I might recognise one or two fellow walkers in support of a good cause.

Also there is the vote on our charity of next year, let Peter know your choice.

For those of you missing a bit of rugby, I can report that the Women had a successful 7s tournament at the Rascal's event the other week beating Sale in the Final, really well done.  The Men were over at Caldy and just lost out in the pool stages to the eventual winners, an invitation team called the Sons of Lazarus.  One or two of the lads actually won as the toll of the day meant that after being knocked out one or two rose again and became Sons of Lazarus and triumphed in the Final.  There were a few injuries and I trust Jacob and Joe have speedy recoveries from their nasty knocks.

Hopefully the pitch seeding will start soon and I know that there are groups using the gym to continue a general fitness campaign before pre–season starts for the Women next month and for the Men at the start of July.

I was talking to Stuart Turner who, along with Dominic and the other coaches is supervising the gym work, about using Summer to play touch on the beach. It was popular for a while but falling enthusiasm, and maybe the need for a break, led to reduced numbers and over the last few summers there has been nothing.  If there was something that people wanted to do by way of sporting or intellectual activity, you do not know how difficult it is to phrase that positively but neutrally, that we could look to organise one evening maybe between 7 and 8.30 over Summer then let me know through the Club.  I will canvas any suggestions that seem practical. 

Although there are ongoing 7s events coming up locally I think that this weekend is one for you to just relax and enjoy and I wish you every success in doing that.


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