Sun 19 May 2019 16:21

The season ends and there is still much to report.  

I seem to start each note having to confess to missing something I should not have missed.  I remember smiling when people used to tell me they had gone into a room or walked up the stairs and through distraction forgot what they went for.  Now, I just go up the stairs and smile that I can remember those conversations still but not what I was there for!

Long intro, I will be brief, well briefish for me, while I remember.  I told you about the player's dinner and the awards but missed one fairly significant one, the Tony Pugh Clubman of the Year.  It should have been made more memorable because Tony presented it, a mixture of relief and celebration for all, especially Tony, and spoke about the importance of helping in small and large ways the Club to function and to progress.  There are many worthy candidates, and this year's recipient has worked hard both on the pitch and behind the scenes, supported, he acknowledged, by many others, to keep rugby strong at Firwood Waterloo.  Congratulations Dom Mackenzie.

The awards theme continued last Friday and it was brilliant seeing all the Mini and Juniors being presented with mementoes of their season by Jack Weare and Sarah Beckett and listening to the head coaches talk positively about the efforts of the teams and all coaches, managers and parents supporting them.  It was particularly impressive to hear the captains of the Under 14s Under15' and Under 16s speak so well to the gathered group.

Discussion on the season went late into the evening and it was nice to see the Club full and people clearly having seen benefits from the efforts of last season and hopefully looking forward to more.  I would like to echo the thanks to all who made what is a significant undertaking work so well and acknowledge the support that the likes of Kevin Brookman, Tony Rogers, Jeanette Colebourne, Paul Whittaker, John Wainwright.  And there are more, but I have hit a smiling moment, who help the various age groups function behind the scenes.

Moving on quickly, there is still rugby to watch.  The Men are at the Caldy Sevens on Saturday  (tomorrow) we have had several representatives in the Lancashire and Cheshire Women's County Championship teams.  While Cheshire had their last game last week, Lancashire have a fixture this Sunday( the day after tomorrow) at Leigh against Yorkshire.  Well done all and good luck.  Going forward I understand there have been and will be further 7s tournaments, I will try and find details and pass them on.

Last night also saw the AGM.  I think we may still seem to have gremlins in spreading the word as to the date of the AGM and we will have to look at that.  The meeting was still well attended, reports handed down by George Moore as Chair and then Phil Cooper, Gill Burns and Mark Beckett on behalf of the sections which it is planned will be circulated to members.  The accounts are not yet ready but George indicated the intention to circulate as soon as possible.  Thanks were expressed and a touching presentation made to Paul McManus, retiring after 10 years as a director.  Many thanks again Paul, and finally three directors were elected to the Board, one continuing to represent the Mini and Juniors, Kevin Brookman, in addition we elected the new Women's Chair, Christine Braithwaite and also Phil Cooper.  I am really pleased to see all three on board and hope that the positive tones that the reports sounded can be maintained, always with an understanding that a Club like ours needs a lot of care attention and financial support.

I am running out of steam but wanted to touch on a couple more things.  The Mini and Junior presentation involved Wigzee Woo, the charity helping children who lose hair as a result of medical treatment, who expressed again their thanks for your generosity.  We are due to vote on the Charity we will support next year and I hope we can continue to strengthen our links in the community with ventures like this.

1st June the Club will have the big screen up all afternoon and evening, there is the Rugby Premiership Final and then the Champions League Final, why not come down and create some atmosphere.

The following week is the Disco Bingo and then the Summer Ball, please see if you can support one or both of these, as well as helping the Club it is a great opportunity to mix within the Club and both promise to be great evenings.  I hope to see you there.

Have a brilliant weekend.


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