Mon 30 Mar 2020 11:58

I had been wondering how I would l make the transition

from weekly scribe on matters that had happened or were to happen on the pitch to a scribe with a blank piece of script in front of him and no rugby stories. I realised that the story was already there in the form of one of the bigger thank you lists I have had for a while.

John Hare prompted me sending a message about the applause at 8pm on Thursdays for all helping within the NHS.

There are a lot of people within and associated with our Club who are engaged in providing help within the Healthcare and Social Care services, also providing essential work such as keeping both Central and Local Government departments going and helping in the Emergency Services and Armed Services generally.  There are so many people doing so much and in this little way and by shows of support such as the applause I hope they realise that everyone is grateful for and proud of their efforts.

We can continue to do our bit by social distancing, hard though it is.  We will all experience disappointments.  Events that had been anticipated with excitement will have to be cancelled, the loss of some social contact, but all that must be a price worth paying as you watch what is happening around the world.

I would also thank Club members for their acts of generosity that I hope will help keep the Club ticking over until we can open up again.  Gestures such as not seeking the return of the Dublin deposits, joining the 200 Club and the many suggestions where we might in a small way share the responsibility to keep the Club afloat.  There was a pronouncement from the RFU that they will provide support, a similar proposal from the Government in respect of staff costs and the Board under Dominic will explore them.

I will leave it to Dominic to update you on the practical detail of what is happening and what we will look to set up, but appreciate the support of all of you as we go forward and offer our support particularly to the isolated and the vulnerable if there is help we can provide.

I will look to post further updates, whether they be based on reminiscences, observations, or genuine updates. They will probably be irreverent with the intention of creating a smile at my expense.  I am sure there is a fair bit of material for that!  There is certainly a fair bit of time for reflection for those whose role is to social distance in this current effort.  If they prompt people to make contact with each other all the better.

For now I will sign off wishing you all the very best of health and the very best of luck.


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