Sun 06 Sep 2020 15:37

Hello, welcome from a now open Firwood Waterloo.

Like a late Summer bloom with petals slowly opening seeking the warmth of the sun, the doors opened at the weekend.  Thanks must again go to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen and to all of you who did use the Club, and will use the Club, to help make sure that the cold financial chills of Autumn and the Winter can be kept at bay.

Visiting is a new experience, entrance through the Player’s Bar where you sanitise hands, leave test and trace details to be confidentially stored, and hopefully destroyed unused, and then you are greeted by a smiling member of staff, and can place your order. Then much like Dorothy and pals you follow our own version of the Yellow Brick Road into the lounge bar where one of our very own wizards will make your dreams come true and dispense your drinks for collection. From there the road leads either to the doors outside and the sunshine or for the less hardy like me into the Waterloo Room, where tables set for 6 and distanced are ready for your use.

Not what you are used to, the layout not my dodgy prose, but the aim is to make spaces where the requirement to distance can be observed, where there is hand sanitiser to use and keeping access to the regularly cleaned toilet areas available.  As much as possible we have tried to introduce a one-way  flow. People were very good at following that last weekend. 

The Waterloo Room is a great space for this concept, although suggestions to make it more cosy would be most welcome. What it did provide was the space for people to catch up with the Club, and each other, which was great to see.

This week we open again, training for the Juniors starts at the Club, they have been training already at various venues. The Under 15s kick off on Friday evening.  Saturday and Sunday sees the return of the NatWest Rugby Force and Pete Cureton would be grateful for all volunteers to help our work continuing to improve the estate.

On Sunday also more juniors and, I think, the Colts will tread the turf so carefully tended by Mark Beckett and his team through the Summer.  All using space wisely and stepping lightly I am sure.  It will be good to see things moving and a rugby ball on the pitch.  The Club bar will be open Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday from lunch time closing Sunday at 6.

I sign off for now hoping to see more of you this weekend and in the coming weeks, just popping in for a couple of drinks on a regular basis, drinking wisely and remaining distanced will help us and the Club through these difficult times.  For those who still feel uncomfortable mingling even in controlled circumstances remember to let us know if we can help.

Stay well and enjoy the weekend.


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