Answer - When it does not have people to run it.

It is true to say that our club only survives due to the sterling work of a small group of volunteers. 

We all enjoy coming down at weekends to watch this great game, to meet friends and share a beer whatever the match result.  But, our enjoyment is only possible due to hours of background work done by volunteers.

At the next AGM, Paul McManus (house) and Kevin Brookman (M&Js chair) will step down from their posts.  In 2020, George Moore (chair) will also step down.  Your scribe has witnessed the astonishing number of hours that all of these stalwarts have put into the running of our club.  They have given their time because of their passion for our club and our game.  Working a twelve hour plus shift, unpaid is not uncommon . . .

The three will need to be replaced, but that does not go far enough.  We need additional people to share the load – whether as a Board member or not.  The more people who can contribute and help, the easier it becomes to run our club.

Paying membership fees, buying raffle tickets, putting money behind the bar all helps, but our club needs your most precious commodity – your time.

Even if you only have a couple of hours a week to spare, PLEASE consider helping out.  It is not an exaggeration to suggest that our club could close without people willing to help out.  No people, no club.

Call 0151 924 4552 and arrange to pop down for a chat with Paul, Kevin or George to find out more.

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