Mon 03 Feb 2020 15:35

The sighs of relief will have been short lived as I look to remedy the temporary break in communication. 

With apologies to those who missed their fix and renewed apologies to those who did not.  I offer some home thoughts from abroad.

Where is he you might ask and just in case you did, the answer is off the coast of Norway until Thursday.  Pam and I have been cruising up to the arctic in search of the Northern Lights.  Some of you may be wondering whether going for 10 days in sub-zero temperatures is some secret training for a comeback on the Fortress field that is Hall Road.  Some of the more astute might have suggested pre-trip acclimatisation should have taken place there, but no, the trip was planned to test run the Noggin Hat.  It has stood up well, at minus 15 with every other extremity showing signs of frostbite I am pleased to say the top of my head was cosy.  Thanks to Jack for finding this arctic essential and if you are looking for a present for travels to cold climes I thoroughly recommend this arctic tested essential. It could start a while new “where’s Noggin game”.

I am sure the hats can be put to good use by many this coming weekend.  They work just as well in balmy Merseyside climes, as we welcome our friends from across the water, the Mersey not the Irish Sea, Birkenhead Park.  This return fixture is preceded by a WOPS lunch and there are still chances to book in and enjoy a warming meal before an intriguing game.
It is true the 6 Nations starts this weekend but if you want to watch quality live rugby it is hard to consider anything other than 80 minutes on the Bank at the Memorial Ground.

After a good run before and after Christmas for the first team, Park present a significant challenge both to the players on the pitch and those of us trying to outlast our guests.  The first match at Upper Park resulted in a home victory as Park controlled the second half.  I am sure every effort will be made to even the account this Saturday but it promises to be a game well worth watching and a good chance to catch up with old friends.

It will not be the only rugby at the weekend.  Although unsure of the whereabouts of the Men’s Seconds, I can track that the Thirds will grace the Ellesmere Port playing fields and as always if you can play for them then you are excused watching duty.

I think the Women’s Development team might also have a rearranged game against Harlequins but I await confirmation and you should check with the Club but if correct then I hope all goes well.

I understand Sunday will be busy and have seen this week the Junior’s Lancashire Cup league games are coming to a conclusion and the minis are, in an honourable tradition, entertaining teams whatever the weather to enjoy some rugby.  In mentioning that can I repeat to my reader to spread the word “no dogs at Hall Road please”.  It looks a big space but hundreds of children play there and the school have this as a strict rule.  There is a good relationship with the school please do not spoil it. Playing surfaces are not the place to exercise pets. [This also applies to the Memorial Ground – Ed]

A quick mention for the prospect of more sea travel, flying is an option, but Easter in Dublin looks promising book now to avoid disappointment.

When our teams are not playing I would encourage you to use the Club for 6 Nations viewing.

Having seems Pete’s reference to me inflicting a whole lot of words on you and with boat moving again I will sign off.  When Pam said she was looking forward to a trip full of rock and roll I thought she was talking about music on the ship not the ship itself!

Have a great weekend wherever you spend it.

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