50+ Volunteers, mainly from the M/J Section worked tirelessly over 2-3 hours to get the outside fabric of the club in some element of working order last Saturday morning.

It was a fantastic effort with the following work being undertaken; 

  • 2 Petrol Mowers going full time
  • 2 Electric Mowers by the clubhouse
  • 2 Strimmers working around the pitch
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • People weeding/sorting out the front of the club
  • 20-30  Adults working on the Terraces
  • 5-6  U16  M/J Players literally carrying/lifting huge bags of gravel,weed,tree cuttings in a great display of strength

It really was a huge effort and many thanks go to all who could attend

But we need more this weekend- Sat 1st August

We need the following between 10am – 1pm 

  • Those petrol mowers again
  • Hedge Trimmers/Branch cutting equipment
  • Rakes/Spades  - to  complete the work on Boozers Bank
  • Manual Labour to work on the Terraces and to shift rubbish from behind the Club
  • Someone to able to drive a Mini – Digger that we hope to have on site

So can you please email your Age Groups and your fellow Coaches and look to support a whole club effort.

Please email both Kevin Brookman and Peter Cureton to confirm attendance.

Thank you

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