A huge thank you to all those who have already pre-paid their subscriptions. 

Now that we have started to reopen albeit at specified times, we would ask that all members pay their subscriptions. 

This is the vital source of income that will help our club to continue after five months of lockdown.

Subscriptions for 2020/21 are


  £120 p.a. £16.00 per month

Full Single

  £150p.a   £19.75 per month

Full Joint

  £170p.a.   £22.25 per month

Family - one parent

  £165p.a.   £21.60 per month

Family - two parents

  £190p.a.   £24.75 per month

Child membership

(where parents do not take up family membership)  

  £120p.a. for the first child

  £60p.a. each additional child

You can pay by:

-         cheque payable to Waterloo 1882 Ltd – please send to Pete Cureton, Membership Secretary, 38a Forefield Lane, Crosby L23 9TH.

-         bank transfer to Waterloo 1882 Ltd  40-29-08  44147669

-         card by emailing events@waterloorugby.com with your telephone number and Raychel Strefford will call you to take your payment

-         direct debit– the form can be found by clicking here (please scroll down the page). We offer direct debit facilities over 8 payments, subject to a £1 per month charge to cover the costs of running the scheme. We also offer annual direct debit payments that incur no additional charge.

Thank you

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