No not a ticket to the current Spice Girl concerts, well that was not the main reason for writing…

No it is more of a desperate plea for participation in one of the forthcoming events at the Club if you and your friends can help.

As you know from these musings and from posters at the Club and on the website, we have a marquee up at the Club planned for 7th and 8th June to raise some funds with the intention that it would be a FUNdraiser.

Tickets for the Ball are going really well and most spaces are sold out, although there are a few more left, which is a brilliant effort, but to cover all the costs and to bring something different to the Club we also booked a Disco Bingo night.  I know better than most going out two nights running can test the stamina but Pam and I are going to give it a whirl.

The concept has been around for a little while, some of the younger readers, in age or spirit, may be aware of this style of event. Cost is £12 and for that you will be treated to an evening that has music, I understand mainly retro to dance to, although it scares me that music in the 90's and early 00's is now seen as retro by some! But hopefully you will find music you fondly remember, some great comedy and some games of bingo for fun prizes.  Money raised goes to support the Club.

So, if you want to see who is word perfect all the way through Waterloo, who can still remember the moves to Boogie Wonderland and even recall where it all began for Caroline, if you wannabee the person who can reach and still bring down the house with a smile then this really could be the event for you and your friends.  The emphasis is on having fun as always and that works better with good numbers.

It also heralds the return of comedy nights that we hope to hold again periodically depending on demand to find ways for members and friends to want to use the Club as much as possible.  Suggestions as to what else we might do are always welcome.

If I can tempt you to rewrite what I know are busy schedules that would be brilliant. You can contact us still to book tickets, best way is on 0151 924 4552 or email Raychel at and we can come back to you to help with that.

You can also buy tickets if you are coming down to watch the Premiership Rugby and the European Football finals taking place on Saturday, I will never win prizes for subtlety!

Thank you for any support you can provide. I hope to see you there and best of luck this weekend for those in need of it.  


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