Wed 13 Jan 2021 15:37

No song, no dance just a heartfelt Happy New Year to you all and I hope that you all made it through Christmas feeling well. 

I think it was a different time for all of us, no rugby meant no Boxing Day game against St Mary's which is always a social highlight, but clearly could not take place in the current climate.  What I can do having put 2020 behind us is pass my best wishes and those of the Board to all of you with the hope that 2021 shows a marked improvement for all.

If I had followed my usual attempt at a musical link then "Tiers are not enough" with apologies to ABC would be the obvious starter.  The Tier system has not controlled the virus it seems and so has been suspended and we enter a further and stricter lockdown, in particular for social and sporting activities. Rugby returns to the Level A which means the only training can be in a socially distanced way, outdoors with one other.  For now, all formal training for Men, Women, Juniors and Minis is on hold.  I understand the RFU has issued a number of training videos for individuals to follow.  You might expect I am not yet familiar with their content, and you would be correct, perhaps I will wait a little while before starting that sort of thing!  However, I am sure all players will be looking to build on the brilliant work they have been doing.

It will be good to get back together as groups again, definitely something to look forward to - I guess we will have to be patient.  I find myself mentally adding to estimates from the Prime Minister.  When he referenced mid-February in his speech to the nation, I doubled it to limit disappointment and that sort of timing seems to be what we are looking at to allow sufficient vaccine to circulate in the population.  I am hoping some of our longer serving members are already on the way to their second jab and that you all maintain robust good health.  As always if there is support required, we can try and help, always happy to chat if that helps and Pete Cureton is always happy to add updates and information to the website.

In this next lockdown we will look to keep the fabric of the Club in order as Winter will add challenges not faced in Spring and Summer.  I am grateful to everyone doing their bit to help with this.  A lot of time and effort went into smartening the place up in the Summer and there are plans afoot to refurbish the kitchen area, the timing of which has to be reviewed with this latest development.  Those who have managed to visit the Club will have seen new chairs and tables, we just want the chance to use them now.

The Board continues to keep a keen eye on finances and the work of our finance committee in liaising with Sefton Council and the Government in respect of grants and support funding has been invaluable for the Club.  The crowdfunding effort helped create a buffer that will help sustain us as has the generosity of all in paying their subs to leave us in as good a position as we could hope, given the lack of use that can be made of the premises. The efforts of Paul Weare, Board members and club members will hopefully mean that when we are allowed to open, we can.

The Board will meet again, virtually, next week and I will look to provide an update after the latest changes are factored in as to how we keep everyone advised as to what is going on.

I would flag up, although I am sure that you are already well aware that there is a bit of sport going on this weekend in Crosby. Like many of you I have been following the adventures of our near neighbours Marine and the excitement generated by their run in the FA Cup. This Sunday afternoon they have the exciting prospect of entertaining Tottenham Hotspur at the Marine Travel Arena, Jose Mourinho at Marine. Although current restrictions prohibit a crowd,

I am aware there has been a great deal of interest and, as in the early rounds I am sending our best wishes to all at Marine for the best of days. It is a great achievement and I look forward to watching the game on National TV on Sunday with fingers crossed.

I will close now, but hope to provide a further update next week and without committing to New Year's resolutions, look to provide more regular updates.

Again, best wishes for 2021.


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