Wed 27 May 2020 18:59

Head Coach Sean Fletcher has taken the next step in his preparations for the 2020/2021 season in naming a change in the club captain and vice-captain roles.  

Fletch states “This change is not bought about by any failings in the departing captain Jack Weare, who has performed a wonderful job over the past three seasons, but more about breathing some changes into the system to parallel the clubs stance in moving forward and striving for change at the next level of rugby.  Jack is a fantastic clubman and is a massive asset to Waterloo.  His work ethic in and around the club is unquestionable, and his tireless work and attitude is a tribute to what has been achieved under Stu Turners guidance for the past three years.  We are in a fantastic position now to push forward and strive for the next goal”.

So some would say who next, who has the metal to take on the role and who has the ability to take us into this next chapter with Fletch and the coaching team.  We asked Fletch what he wanted and what he expects from a club captain.

“There are some essential criteria that must be fulfilled
1. Be respected by the players and the coaches.
2. Be prepared to lead by example.
3. Be prepared to be honest and upfront in representing the players.
4. Be prepared to engage with all aspects of Firwood Waterloo.”

“In my opinion as a committed club captain you also need to have the ability to be a natural leader, to know when to provide input and when the only input required is to set the example.  Add to that ability a level of charm, passion, aggression and an overriding will to achieve, then you are identifying who shares your passion to succeed”.

As you can see Fletch sets the bar high and having the ability to review what we have available and who has stepped up into that arena over the past few seasons, Fletch and the coaching team have made their decision.  Therefore, we are now in a position to announce that Firwood Waterloo will be led from the front by their new senior club captain as Luke Clifford.  

Luke has commented “It’s a great feeling knowing the coaches have faith in you to lead a team held in such high accolade in the North West.  I speak on behalf of all the players in that we are raring to get going with pre-season when the situation permits us.  We narrowly missed out on promotion last time due to unprecedented circumstances, but believe we now have established a platform which can be built on so we can compete at the top of the table once again”.

In addition to Luke as Club captain the coaching team have named Will Meades as Vice Captain. Will is another outstanding player with the ability to change a game and lead from the front.

We will catch up with Luke and Will over the next few days and give you an insight into their thoughts about their new roles.

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