Sun 03 Nov 2019 18:27

My apologies for brevity to those who enjoy a long read, your sighs drowned out by roars of relief from others, but as the man once regaled us in song "time is tight."

[has he had too many Green Onions? - Ed]

What a weekend we had, nearly perfect, definitely drama, at the end a reversal for AK, but sadly Wasps did the stinging.

On Saturday it was great to see the Tony Pugh Appreciation Society swell considerably in the Lounge Bar from the dozen the previous week.  I have a feeling he could draw a few more in this weekend . . .

Going out of order I know that you will have Friday at the Fireworks booked in if you can, either to watch or to help.  Tickets can still be purchased or you can pay at the gate, fingers crossed as always for the weather.

On Saturday the Club will be open from after 8.00 with food from 8.30 because apparently there is a big match on the television.  The function room will have a big screen up and additional viewing will be in the Lounge Bar I understand.  It should be a great, if tense, atmosphere.  Tony will be waiting, please join us for both.

The excitement generated in the game last week was brilliant, tries and tackles roared on, although some were fooled by the roar when the message that the Second Team game had fallen victim to the weather!  Orders swiftly turning from soft drinks to something more appropriate for the occasion.

It was great to see the Club full and thanks should go to all those working behind the bar and in the kitchen for helping make the morning.

Also credit to the efforts of all who tend the pitch.  We managed two games, with the pitch looking good, when others had to cancel.  Special thanks to Gary who raised his daily steps having to replace the lines twice on Saturday due to the rain.

Two games with lunch in between followed.  The Wasps team, as so many seem to, arrived determined to put a couple of poorer results behind them.  There is no doubting the skill and effort in our team, but we do need a few breaks.  We have a fixture break now for the International and then four key games, three in December.  I am sure Neil and the coaches will work with the team to build to these key games and I hope we will support them.

The Men got the better of Altrincham Kersal.  I was at times a little worried but they showed great resolve and calmness and turned things round in the last few minutes.  I rarely single out players as it is a team game and no individual can win without the team, but being behind the posts and watching the soft hands of Kurt Riley giving the scoring pass to the indefatigable Chris Cunningham was a top moment.

A long Saturday meant a late Sunday start, but I did manage to catch some of the Under 12s and 13s at Hall Road, one taking on Sedgley Park, the other training. I also just missed Billy Bass on his return from Dublin.  It can be a lively place the Club on a Sunday.

A little quieter this week on the pitches I understand.  No games on Saturday and  with most mini groups descending on Ormskirk but, wherever you are playing, I hope that you have a great game.

I also hope that I can see a few of you watching what will be a tense game on Saturday.  No rhymes this week but it would be nice to have fireworks Friday night and Saturday morning with an exciting game.

Enjoy it all



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